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All our products are manufactured in house on our high end machines and undergo stringent testing before dispatch. Contact us to get latest quotations.

CCTV Cable 3+1

CCTV Cable 3+1

To receive optimum performance K-Flex CCTV cable is installed in security systems. We provide best signal reception with minimum losses and hence maximum clarity on monitor.

CAT 5, CAT 6, CAT 6A, CAT 7

These are high performance networking cable used in computer networking and interface cable between two networks.

RF Co-Axial Cables

These are commanly used to carry cable signals to TV receivers.
Coaxial cable consists of three concentric elements namely inner conductor, di- electric and outer conductor.

Optical fiber

It can be used for transmitting data over long distances. This cable offers very low attenuation as it transmits signal by converting to the form of light.

HDMI Cable

HDMI is normally used as an interface between two devices. It supports superior video quality, surround-sound audio quality and has 3D support.

USB Data Cable

These can be used for charging smartphone devices and for transferring data. We manufacture high quality Micro-USB, USB Type-C, Mini-USB, USB-A cables.


These connectors are generally used to transmit audio and video signals.It is commonly color coded as white,yellow and red.

Ribbon Cable

These are flat and wide cable with multiple conducting wires running in parallel to each other in the same flat plane.

Single & Multicore Flexible Cables

We use high copper of high purity and conductivity to ensure greater saving of electrical energy. Flame Retardant PVC compound is used for insulation.

Power Cable

Power Cables are employed for energy transmission from source to equipment. These can be used in underground and overhead energy transmission, and in industrial settings.

Shielded Cable

Shielded cable comprises of a conductive layer that helps in reflecting electromagnetic radiations and thus reducing disturbance from external noise.

PVC Insulated Electrical / FR / HR

K.flex offers high quality PVC insulated wires with Flame retardant properties to check any fire incident. All wires undergo strict testing to eliminate any weak spot.

Flame Retardant Low Smoke Electrical Wires

With its superior toxic fumes supressing and low smoke properties K.flex is the go to choice for concealed and conduit wiring in housing/commercial complexes.

Multicore flat travelling cable

K-Flex offers flat travelling cables up to 24 core in different sizes like 1 sq mm, 1.5 sq mm which are the best suited travelling cables for lifts, cable trolleys hoists, cranes escalators etc.

PVC Insulated Battery Cables

These are used in auto harnesses and are crimped on the ends for easy usage. These are manufactured for long term use and ensure proper power distribution in vehicles.

PTFE/Teflon Wires

PTFE cables have much better fire, smoke and chemical and mechanical properties as compared to cables of other insulating polymer that are used in extrusion process.

Rubber Insulated Cable

Silicon rubber Insulated cables are characterized by their very high temperature resistance and it maintains flexibility even under extreme conditions.

CFL Input Wire and Silicon Sleeve Manufacturer

We manufacture all kind of input CFL wire with customised cut lengths and stripping on our fully automatic cutting and stripping machine.

Hook Up Wire Manufacturer

Hookup wire is lifeline of electronic industry. It is used in almost all Electronic Circuits Boards and PCBs. We are manufacture the whole range of hookup wires in more than 24 colors

LT Power Cables PVC & XLPE

K-Flex has developed a special grade XLPE insulated cables (upto 1100 Volts) applications. This is thoroughly crosslinked under controlled conditions.

Jelly Filled Telephone Cables

K.flex offers twisted pair cable with solid/foam/foam skin polythene insulated Jelly Filled Cables from 5 Pair to 400 pair that are used in local network.

HT Cable

We are leading manufacturer of high voltage cables upto 120 KV (120000 Volt) used in cable fault locating machine.

Automobiles AV, AVS, AVSS, JSS Manufacturer

K.flex AV,AVS,AVSS,JSS Automotive Wires are used for Wiring Harness in the automotive industry

Tsunami Cables

These cables are especially used to trasmit the under water movements from under water capsule sensors to the concerned device on the sea shore.

Welding Cables

K.flex offers high quality and long lasting welding cables that are flexible and resistant to extreme heat and burns.

Telephone & Switchboard Cables

K-Flex twisted paired cables are best suited for telephone and switchboard cabling applications. The conductor is make of solid annealed, high conductivity bare copper.

Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Cables

K.flex jelly filled, poly-Al moisture barrier bonded polythene sheathed underground telecom cable usable for 2 Mb/s digital System.

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